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We have over 50 years of experience manufacturing and distributing trailer hitches. We carry every major brand of trailer hitches & trailer hitch accessories. Bottom line…we carry the largest assortment of towing related products.

Using the correct equipment for your individual towing needs is critical. Our company employs towing experts to assist you with any questions you may have about your towing product decisions. Check out our learning center for helpful tips on choosing the right hitch as well as information on individual state laws that apply to towing. We want to be more than your trailer hitch resource. We want to assist in all ways possible to ensure that your towing experience is safe and enjoyable. Our customers are our greatest asset, and their support of our company has allowed us to continue our growth year after year and to be the best trailer hitch resource.  Reese Trailer Hitches are sold and installed at Truck N Spring Repair in Madisonville Kentucky.  Talk to our team of truck technicians about which hitch works best for your needs.

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Coupler - The part of the trailer tongue that secures to the tow vehicle hitch ball.

Gross Towing Weight (GTW) - The weight of the trailer plus all the cargo in it. This is measured by putting a fully loaded trailer on a scale.

Hitch Application - In the industry, hitches are commonly called "hitch applications". This would refer to the specific hitch that would fit your specific vehicle.

Hitch Ball - The part that the trailer coupler attaches to. It is usually attached to a ball mount, which is inserted into the receiver end of a hitch.

Hitch Shank Hole - The diameter of the opening in the ball mount for the hitch ball shank to go through. The hitch ball shank diameter and the ball mounts shank hole diameter should match.

Hitch Tube Cover - The receiver end cap that fits over the 1-1/4" or 2" receiver end of a hitch. Designed to protect the end from the elements and to give the hitch a finished look. There are many designer or logo covers available to enhance the look of your vehicle.

Pin & Clip - The pin & clip are very important as they secure the receiver and the hitch or hitch accessory. The pin rests in the shank hole of the receiver and the clip fits over the head of the pin.

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