Making the roadways safer™

Safety inspires every new innovation and drives a constant pursuit for excellence. So while product performance, cost savings and efficiency are vital, safety is the reason STEMCO does what they do.  STEMCO, which stands for Specialized Truck Equipment Manufacturing Company, offers a diverse line of long life products for the commercial vehicle market. STEMCO is a world class manufacturing corporation with innovative wheel end solutions designed to "make the roadways safer."

At STEMCO, products are classified in four major groupings: wheel end products which include seals, fasteners, bearings, hub caps and mileage counters; suspension products which include king pins, spring pins, bushings and polyurethane components; brake products which include brake shoes, friction, automatic brake adjusters, new lined wheel kits and brake drums; intelligent transportation systems which include the tire pressure monitoring, automatic tire inflation, and automated mileage collection.

STEMCO High Performance Products Include:  Wheel End oil bath and grease seals - Pinion seals - Hub Caps - Bearings - Pro-Torq spindle fasteners - Mechanical and electronic mileage counting devices - Bat RF electronic tire pressure - onitoring & mileage acquisition - Aeris automated tire inflation systems - King Pin Kits - Suspension Products (spring pins, bushings, torque rods, etc) - STEMCO APE™ alignment and wheel balancing equipment - Brake Products – friction, new brake shoes, brake drums and automatic brake adjusters - PPS and PPS+ Long Life Wheel End Systems - Wheel end certification training for: brakes, suspension and wheel end.

STEMCO Brands Include:  STEMCO® - Grit Guard® - Guardian® HP - Voyager® - Discover® - Endeavor® - Pro-Torq® - Sentinel® - Data Trac® and Data Trac® Pro - Aeris® Automated Tire Inflation - BAT RF® - STEMCO Kaiser™ - Qwik Kit™ - Plus Kit™ - APE™ - Econo Kit™ - LubraFlex® - BSA™ - BSP™ - STEMCO GAFF™ - STEMCO Brake Products - STEMCO Duroline - STEMCO New Lined Brake Shoes - STEMCO Motor Wheel™ - STEMCO Crewson™ - Defender™

Testimonial from Cayenne Express Inc who use STEMCO for their trucking fleet,
"The BatRF system recognized and notified me of a slow leak that was being caused by a rivet in one of my driver's tires. The driver noticed the tire was low at the beginning of his shift, but thought that he could simply fill it with more air and it would be fine. The BatRF system sent me a notice at 1:19 that night alerting me that the same tire was continuing to lose pressure and dropped below 85 PSI. I contacted the driver and told him to stop and get it looked at, and at the service station they found that a rivet was causing the leak. Without the BatRF system notifying us of the ongoing drop in pressure, the driver would have continued to fill the tire and eventually ruined it."  - Bob Christ

Introducing Defender™ Hub Caps

Engineered with composite materials, in combination with stainless steel reinforcements, to create a completely corrosion free hub cap backed by one of the best garranties in the industry.

Introducing Aeris SmartSense™

High Performance Automatic Tire Inflation System.  Keeping your fleet on the road while maximizing fuel economy and minimizing tire wear.

Talk to our team about the full range of STEMCO products and how they can keep you travelling safely.

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