Is It Okay to Idle A Diesel?

You’ve likely heard that diesel engines are ok to idle indefinitely, and that it’s even good for them. Where does this logic come from, and is it true? Truck n Spring in Madisonville, KY has the answers.

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Why It's Important To Have Your Tire's Air Pressure The Same


Tire pressure may seem innocuous enough, but at Truck n Spring in Madisonville, we know how much of a difference correct tire pressure makes. Tire pressure checks are just one of many regular service items we check when you bring your truck in for servicing, but it’s one that’s more important than you might think.

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Turbocharger Repair and Replacement

The Turbo on your Chevrolet, Dodge, or Ford diesel truck is an integral component of your truck’s ability to perform. Turbos affect everything from power output to fuel mileage, allowing your pickup to reach its full potential in terms of power, torque, and efficiency. At Truck n Spring in Madisonville, KY, turbo knowledge is one of our specialties, because we understand the importance of quality turbo parts, replacements, and repair.

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How to Maintain Your Engine

parked truck

The fuel system is an integral aspect of any combustion engine, but it’s particularly important on diesel trucks. Your Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet pickup requires a perfectly functioning fuel system, devoid of buildup, leaks, and debris, to provide you with the most powerful and efficient engine performance possible. At Truck n Spring in Madisonville, KY, we understand that fuel system flushing is an essential process in maintaining a properly functioning engine.

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